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Beyond Light by Moggsbithe
Beyond Light
His light was too bright and pierced the veil of darkness. Now his demons cower before his radiance. Be like Kuwabara. Go beyond the Light!
Kuwabara Quick by Moggsbithe
Kuwabara Quick
A quick rush through portrait of Kuwabara (Aka Thunder) 
Took about 20 minutes...
Just a warm up. I can do better!
 Hello there deviants, MoggS here.

I know I have been going ghost lately on Deviant art, but i have been busy with life issues etc...
I am no longer affiliated with the gaming page mentioned in one of my previous journals, I have been fired and as a result, I no longer support them. I have contributed as much as I could to the success of their page, and it was my 1st true teamwork experience outside of school. They are on their own now. Long live the gamers.

Speaking of games... I found myself more and more interested with the Darksouls 1 lore thanks to a great youtuber who goes by the name of Silver Mont. As a result of getting into the Darksouls 1 lore, an idea came to my head about creating my very 1st digital comic based off some Darksouls 1 lore the way Silver Mont explains it in his Darksouls 1 lore videos.

The comic, fan-made-manga, or whatever you want to call it will be in the form of some narrative texts in conjunction with illustrations and some character-to-character dialogue. Each chapter will focus on the key characters (NPCs) found in the Darksouls world. Each said chapter will also somehow tie you, the gamer into the story as a character as well. I have a canon-load of ideas on how I could possibly make this be possible!

Another main thing I plan on doing is creating a shout-box page. This page(s) will include YOU (yes you) and other people who have decided to help me kickstart this project out of the kindness of their hearts, OR the undying support towards the success of this project.

To be honest, I have had many other big ideas similar to this one, but none of my ideas actually made any real progress. In short, I am requesting help from anyone who is interested in helping me in any way! I really would like this to work, as it will be a fine test of my skills as an artist and a writer. I don't know what you may have heard, but a great project such as this requires more than just one person! So please, if you are interested at all, leave a comment on this journal (or send me a note) and I will fill you in on any answers to your questions or further details of the project!

Thank you fellow Deviants, for your time reading this entry.
MoggS OUT!


Moggsbithe's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hey everyone, I decided to update my Bio (As of April 12th 2013) by 1st mentioning my business and origins on dA. (<Recommended by a friend)
I am mainly a traditional artist. I pretty much draw whatever the hell is on my mind, even random shit that for the most part, barely makes much sense. I have been drawing since I was a "diaper boy".
Another strength I have is in the ability to write. I often write short stories and about how I feel. I write poems too every now and then, when I feel inspired by certain events in my life.

I am a very big anime/manga fanboy. I don't really show much interests in many things unless it pertains to anime/manga-style related stuff.

I am a gamer. My 1st system was a dreamcast (passed down to me by my pops) and my second console ever was a playstation w/red controller. I owned an original Xbox about, hm... 4-5 months after it was released? I support ps3. I also do not discriminate against Xbox 360.

Ok. Now, about dA and why I am here. Before I even knew of's existence, I knew this guy who was a bit older than me, who bragged about being a web designer. When I spoke about my hobby of drawing, he decided to show me a few drawings of his webpage designs here on dA. He told me that dA basically has every kind of art I can think of and that it's a cool website for artists, blah blah blah. I wasn't very interested at the time.
A few years later about the summer of 2011, I met this girl around my age, who I really admired mainly due to her very impressive manga-style drawing ability. When I asked her how I can bring my art onto the internet, she told me about these drawing tablets... (Wacom Bamboo, etc...) and about her being a member of Deviant art (by this time, I had forgotten about what dA was...). Back then, I did not even know how to bring my art into the interwebz other than drawing traditional art/scanning them. Her digital art is amazing. And at times (even 'till this day...), I envy her talent. I could go on about her all day, telling you about how she was the 1st person I met who actually draws better than I do (Locally) and about how, secretly, I made her my rival. But that is a different story in itself. Anyways, hearing about the drawing tablets, made me want to buy 1 for myself. And so I did. I had created my deviant account a few days before acquiring my tablet. BOY was I clueless the 1st 2 months... (both with dA and getting to know the tablet) In secret, I bought a tablet to become like her. Drawing these amazing anime-show worthy things and thinking nothing of it. I challenged myself that day, to step outside of my comfort zone of creating traditional-style drawings and moved on towards digital arting. So far, I've been a deviant for about a year and change... I wanted to bring my art to life, digitally; to display my ever expanding art to whomever may view it; and so here I am! I told myself I will never give up until I outshine my current rival. Honestly, at times, I do have doubts. All I do is shake it off and keep pulling forward in the mean time. Because slow and steady wins the "race".

Overall, I am seeking friendship. I don't judge others, am consider myself to be very laid back and easy-going. I am shy/cautious when approaching or being approached by new people, but as you've probably heard from someone else "I'll eventually stop being so shy when I get to know you better.".

Aaaannnnd.... I think that's pretty much it so far. Have any questions? SEND ME A "NOTE" (MESSAGE)

STAMP - Felicia by Emme-Gray

-------Skullgirls Cast :3----

Ms. Fortune by DennyVuQuachPeacock by DennyVuQuachPainwheel by DennyVuQuach
Filia by DennyVuQuach:iconmegustaplz::iconmegustaplz:Cerebella by DennyVuQuach
Valentine by DennyVuQuachParasoul by DennyVuQuachDouble by DennyVuQuach

Why? Because I am a fan! :dummy:

-------My Zodiac----

Zodiac Stamp 'Libra' by Sharkfold And: Zodiac Stamp 'Virgo' by Sharkfold

I am a Virgo-Libran Cusp. Google it!

-------Zodiacs I Get Along With The Best!----
Zodiac Stamp 'Cancer' by Sharkfold Zodiac Stamp 'Leo' by Sharkfold Zodiac Stamp 'Taurus' by Sharkfold
Zodiac Stamp 'Virgo' by Sharkfold Zodiac Stamp 'Capricorn' by Sharkfold

-------About Me----

I love anime stamp by vero-g6-stamps DA Stamps: I can.. by eleoyasha 'Explaining' Stamp by Sonira-Stamps Support traditional art stamp by deviantStampsSadist Stamp by Greetings-I-Am-S

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I'm a Wolf - Stamp by stamps-club :thumb75396417:

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Anime 24-7 stamp by Miho-Nosaka-stamps Bleach Stamp by JackdawStamps I Support Hentai by 666zarike Chad Stamp by Stack23

-------Games I Play----

Final Fantasy XIII Stamp by JackdawStamps

Skullgirls Stamp by jakewashere


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