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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Updated Friday, November 11, 2016
Height: 5'4
Weight: (Around 230Ibs)
Blood Type: Unknown
Eye color: Brown
Body Type: Short and stocky huehuehuehue

Business on dA
I am mainly a traditional artist. I pretty much draw whatever the hell is on my mind, even random shit that for the most part, barely makes much sense. I have been drawing since I was a "diaper boy".
Another strength I have is in the ability to write. I often write short stories and about how I feel. I write poems too every now and then, when I feel inspired by certain events in my life.
Why am I here? I clearly love various art styles. I wanted people to see my work and how it progresses over time. I currently have no digital art education but that's ok with me. I draw here the same way i'd draw on paper. I don't use shortcuts or any fancy art editing programs. What you see is what you get because i prefer to keep things simple. That said most of my online work takes roughly 4-5 hours to complete. When it comes to using Paint Tool Sai I am self-taught.

I am a very big anime/manga fanboy. I don't really show much interests in many things unless it pertains to anime/manga-style related stuff.

I am a gamer.

Sex. Sex is good exercise. And good for your overall health. And it is FUN

Sexuality/Gender Identification
I identify as Enby and I am an Omnisexual (Do your research please.)

Artist Goal
I have a wide imagination, and I love to use it where applicable. I have all these different ideas, but sadly about 80% of it doesn't see the light of day. I feel as though nothing ever comes out the way I had originally planned. I would like to someday assemble a team of artists to create something elaborate and successful. Someday I hope to inspire my fellow artists and teach them to be original and trust in their ability.

About my work
I do a couple of different things but nothing too extravagant. My work ranges from manga-style to literature. I like to mix and match ideas from different artists all over the world and create something with my own little twists. If I use a character reference it will never be 100% the same as the original. I prefer it that way. I've seen some amazing work here on dA, and at times I find myself embarrassed of my work by comparison of some artists but I never give up. I know that every artist has a certain style with strengths and weaknesses. Nothing is perfect, so I go with what I know. I try to keep my art as original as possible.

I prefer not to get into religious debates and therefore I don't follow any specific religion...

Political Views
I prefer not to get into any political debates nor do I choose to express an interest in politics... don't go there. When speaking to me about politics you might as well be speaking to the wall.

Any OC's? (Original Characters)
Yes I have a ton of ideas for characters but none of them are here on dA (Yet)
I do have 1 main character and his name is Kuwabara; named after an old legend about a tree that could never be struck down by lightning.

Romance Status
I am currently single (As of this update)
I'm not looking for any LDR's (Long Distance Relationship) unless the other person plans to make arrangements for us to somehow live together soon.
I am loyal to those I have formed a close bond with and as such will not betray or cheat the other person in any way or form.

Friendship Status
I don't have many friends sadly and often find myself grieving the loss of any friend of interest as if they have died. I am usually a very trusting person and will openly welcome any potential friends. I find myself to be a very understanding person but a bit critical at times.
There are 3 golden rules to remain my friend:
If one of these things are lacking, you will see our relationship slowly fade away unless it can be saved.

I am a spiritual person. I believe everyone has a certain aura, and at times feel certain vibes from certain people.
I am not against violence in real life. I believe under certain circumstances, some violence is necessary to maintain peace and order.
I do not believe in harming animals unless it is somehow necessary for your own survival.
I believe in Karma (Not by religious context) I believe all your actions and choices have consequences-good or bad.
I believe there is an afterlife....

To learn more about me, why not talk to me? I am always looking to meet new people with different ideals. I like to know what makes people tick!



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